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Privacy Policy - Holler! App

Below are the details of the privacy policies in force for the Holler! application. Should you wish any further information you can contact us using the Contact Form on our About page by clicking the button below.

How do we collect, process and / or store your data?

We take the privacy and security of your data very seriously and we only collect, use and / or store your data if absolutely necessary for the application. Below you can find details of how we interact with your data.

During the use of this application the following data can be collected about you:

  • Your GPS location

  • Your intended destination

  • A chosen stop along the route

  • The type of device you're using

  • Your chosen method of transport

This data is used for the following reasons only:

  • To identify the type of device you're using to assist you with getting appropriate directions from an appropriate service.
  • To Identify the most appropriate route from your chosen starting point to your chosen destination.
  • To find a location along the course of your route that meets your needs.
  • To ensure that directions are tailored to the mode of transport you're using.

We do not send your data to any of our servers. The data we collect is processed on your phone with the following exceptions:

  • Routing, transport type, location, destination and via point location are all transmitted to Google via their maps API in order to get location and routing suggestions.
  • You can find details of Google's Privacy Policy here for information on how they collect, process and share your data.
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