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Our Policies

We believe that we as an organisation are a huge family united by purpose. To this end there are a number of policies that we follow to ensure that we stay true to our vision and mission.



We only get one planet and many software solutions on the market don't necessarily embrace or promote environmental sustainability. That's where we're different!

Image by Chris Montgomery

Virtual Meetings Prioritised

Where possible we arrange all meetings with clients virtually instead of burning fossil fuels for the same discussion we could have over a webcam.

IBy utilising video communication technology we can bring the same high quality meetings to our customers with minimal time restrictions no matter where they are.


Carbon Neutral Cloud

We believe that the software of the future needs to be designed with the future in mind. As such we have invested a lot of time and effort into ensuring that the cloud provider we chose for our services acted in a way that aligned to our mission of bringing future ready technologies to businesses in environmentally conscious ways.

Google Cloud Platform is our cloud provider of choice, and they've successfully managed to keep their data centre's running on renewable energy for the last few years. You can find out more here.


Climate Pledge

We've committed to playing our part in building a more sustainable world, and a world we can continue to thrive on.

As such we are contributing 1.5% of all revenue generated from all payments made to CimotaTech via our payment provider Stripe towards carbon removal projects.

For more info on how we're doing our bit, check out this page.


Image by Yosef Futsum

Coming Soon!

We've got some more exciting news on the way on how we're going the extra mile to preserve the environment and our natural world whilst bringing cutting edge solutions to our customers.

Follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest information and announcements!


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